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“Someone very close to me passed away too early after several years blighted by the chronic disease which is MS. I anticipated reading this book, remembering a lot of the symptoms and identifying with the story as being similar to my ex-girlfriend's journey. This book is not that kind of book at all. This is the inspirational story of a loving family, a dedicated mother's desire to do the best for her son and most of all the triumph of an indomitable spirit overcoming countless obstacles and living a fulfilling life. I highly commend it to anyone who wants to be encouraged to address life's challenges head-on and of course it is of particular relevance to anyone who is living with the scourge of MS. It doesn't diminish the impact of this chronic disease but is full of solid practical examples on how to respond in a positive manner to the challenges it creates.”
“Buzzing yet numbed from reading it.”
“I've two words for you - "Read it!" We can ALL learn a lesson from her and the love for her son is palpable and the way she expresses how she would not change a thing because she has him leaves me humbled. This book is inspirational and I'll say it again - "Read it!"
“People will think your book is fiction mum- because of how brilliant you are and everything you can do with MS.”
“This book is painfully honest, inspirational, uplifting and flows beautifully, it truly will touch everyone who reads it.”
“A remarkable book, by a remarkable person, achieving remarkable things.”
“What an amazing story of courage in the face of adversity. It sometimes makes you want to scream in frustration at the prejudice surrounding disabilities but overall it is an incredibly positive and uplifting book. I couldn't put it down.”
”It has in-depth personal touch in every chapter and reads very well. Inspirational, highly recommending... not only for people affected by MS, but also for those wanting to move forward with their lives.”
“The book makes for an emotional yet hugely inspirational read from this strong woman who "found a way". As I read it I became very aware of my own wellbeing both physical and mental and began to improve on exercise and diet. I have it at the side of my bed and dip in and out when I need some motivation.”
“I feel humbled and blessed to have read Born Together. Patricia Gachagan is now my number 1 Positive Thinking Guru and Motivational and Inspirational Author. Thank you, Patricia, for sharing your story.”
“It’s touching, tough and totally ying/yang.”
“I read this book in three days, staying up later than normal and ignoring the ironing pile! I think it's an important read for anyone affected by MS, as it describes in honest and realistic terms the constant struggle she lives with and patchy support and treatment currently available on the NHS. More importantly though, it describes how the author found her own way in amongst all this, refusing to be labelled and seen as a 'sufferer.' For this reason, her story is inspiring in itself and anyone who has had to battle to improve their health or circumstances will benefit from reading this book. I also loved how her love for her son, husband, sister, mum and wider family and friends shone from every page. The author knows exactly what is important in life and it's obvious that her quest to be as healthy as possible is driven by her desire to be the best mum possible to her son. I won't forget this book.”
“Born Together takes you on a roller coaster that is true life.”
“I loved this book. Its an amazing true story of an amazing lady. From the foreword to the last page I was hooked. I laughed, I cried and at times was shocked by the experiences the author had. I can't recommend this book highly enough.”
“What an amazing story of courage in the face of adversity. If anyone needs a burst of positivity in their lives, this is the book for you! It shows how the human spirit is truly incredible. I couldn't put it down. Highly recommended.”
“Bloody brilliant! I can’t put it down.”
“Patricia Gachagan has written a totally inspirational book about having MS. Her motto is you can find a way, no matter what the adversity. Patricia is truly the heroine of her own life. This wonderfully uplifting book might help you be the same.
“Thank you Patricia for giving me the true definition of hope.”
" Gentle, yet brutally honest, spiritual yet grounded "
"Born Together highlights a truly remarkable spirit that will never be defined."
"Incredibly powerful, yet easy to read "
“It was as though Patricia hadn’t read the script for her own life.”