Motherhood the real deal - 6th January 2018

New Year – New Choices? How to make change and feel positive

Here we are having said goodbye to another year. A year, for me, very much in line with the rest of my journey – lots of wonderful highs as well as those uncomfortable lows. I self-published my debut book, Born Together. Quite an experience as well as a steep learning curve. Radio interviews, newspaper articles and a local television appearance all came along- and that’s what started me thinking. The nerves and anxiety they brought with them affected me both physically and emotionally. I am a stay-at-home mum with Multiple Sclerosis- retired early from teaching due to my health.
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On The Rise - 27th November 2017

Born Together - On The Rise Magazine

Eleven years ago, I had my beautiful baby boy, Elliot. Elation, excitement and anticipation led the way for our small family of three. But within days of his birth my body’s ability started o deteriorate-without warning or explanation
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Kate on thin ice - 26th November 2017

Parenting with Multiple Sclerosis – Patricia’s story

Eleven years ago, I had my beautiful baby boy, Elliot. Elation, excitement and anticipation Six months after my miscarriage I was ecstatic to find out I was pregnant again. It was a long and nervous nine months that followed. Then a difficult 14-hour labour, ending with an emergency caesarean section. But all 10lbs and 3 ozs of the wonderful, healthy baby Elliot had arrived safely in this world. We were over the moon and almost instantaneously forgot about the difficult road we had walked together to become parents and to have our precious baby boy.
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That's Books - 13th August 2017

That's Books review of Patricia's Memoir "Born Together"

Born Together is a truly inspirational account of the struggles of the author, Patricia Gachagan, her diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and her sheer determination to be a good mother to new baby boy, Elliot....Within mere hours of giving birth to Elliot, Patricia's body began to shut down and to deteriorate
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The Herald - 13th August 2017

For me, it is not about overcoming Multiple Sclerosis - it’s about living with it, and living well

PATRICIA Gachagan once was a primary school teacher. She loved her job, and she was good at it. It took her to London, then Barcelona, then back to her native Glasgow. She was something of a gym addict, too. She was fit and healthy.
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The Herald - 7th June 2017

MS, motherhood and me - Patricia Gachagan's moving memoir about raising her son

Patricia has written a book, Born Together, about the simultaneous demands of motherhood and her declining health. It is an emotional rollercoaster of a read, which has already received rave reviews.
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The Inspiration show - 10th July 2017

Natalie Ledwell, The Inspiration Show interview

Natalie interviews personal development gurus and inspiring people from all over the globe on her super popular online show. This show features Patricia as the inspiring person
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Radio saltire - 28th June 2017

Saltire at lunch Patricia Gachagan interview

Radio Saltire's David Caldwell spoke to Patricia Gachagan, author of the 2017 memoir 'Born Together', which tells of her inspiring and real life tale of joy, battle and determination
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Multiple Sclerosis Trust - 19th June 2017

How I learnt to accept the 'different' me

Patricia Gachagan was diagnosed with MS 11 years ago, shortly after the birth of her son Elliot. Here she talks about coming to terms with the diagnosis, accepting that it’s ok to be different and why she was inspired to write about her journey with MS.
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Urban book reviews - 19th June 2017

Author Interview: Patricia Gachagan, Born Together

ULM: What lead you to writing your inspiring memoir, Born Together?

I have always been attracted to writing, keeping journals over many years as well as being a fan of the old-fashioned pen and paper letter writing as I travelled and lived abroad.
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Urban book reviews - 17th June 2017

Book review: Born Together


Born Together is the inspiring memoir of Patricia Gachagan, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and her determination to overcome the challenges to live a full life and to be a mother to her son, Elliot
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Evening times newspaper - 7th June 2017

MS, motherhood and me - Patricia Gachagan's moving memoir about raising her son

ON a walk through her local park, pushing her new baby son in his pram, Patricia Gachagan suddenly had an overwhelming sensation she was about to fall.“It was like the pram was rolling away from me, and I couldn’t keep up,” she recalls. “I couldn’t feel my feet. I started to panic.”
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Motherhood, the real deal - 31st May 2017

What is it really like….being a mum with Multiple Sclerosis?

Being a parent is hard enough, but have you ever stopped to think what the struggle of being a parent with Multiple Sclerosis is like? Today marks World MS Day, and to help us understand more about life as a parent with MS, I’m in conversation with Patricia Gachagan, author of Born Together.
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Rock and roses mama - 31st May 2017

Rockin’ Mama Interviews: Patricia Gachagan, author of ‘Born Together’

When I was sent a press release for the memoir of Patricia Gachagan, ‘Born Together’, I was compelled to invite her to be interviewed in this series of Rockin’ Mamas as her story could be uplifting and empowering for Mothers everywhere
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STV Glasgow - The live at five show - 31st May 2017

On World MS Day, we'll be talking to an author who developed Multiple Sclerosis after giving birth - but refused to give in

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Radio Scotland - The John Beattie show - 31st May 2017

Patricia Interviewed on the John Beattie show for Radio Scotland

Patricia's interview starts at approximately 1 hour 13 minutes into the broadcast
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Talk radio europe 31st May 2017

Patricia Gachagan : Author of ‘Born together’, a compelling memoir about motherhood and Multiple Sclerosis

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Female first - 28th May 2017

My Experience Of Life And Motherhood With MS By Patricia Gachagan

Patricia Gachagan writes a piece for us upon the release of her new book Born Together.
Motherhood and Multiple Sclerosis were born together in my life as my immune system attacked itself in error, following the birth of my wonderful baby boy, Elliot. A journey of adversity, fear and the unknown began. That was eleven years ago now and nothing and no one has stayed the same.
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Evening times newspaper -26th May 2017

East End mum publishes her first book after contracting MS when she gave birth

An East End mum has published her first book recording her ongoing battle against multiple sclerosis.
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A cooking pot and twisted tales - 16th May 2017

My Life Being Lived ‘Differently’ Abled.

Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis over eleven years ago now, after my immune system attacked itself in error, following the birth of my wonderful baby boy. I have learned to adapt, adapt, and then adapt some more. Life did not go as planned and I have had to realign my whole way of thinking.
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