Born Together

Born Together is my debut book.

Patricia and Elliot on first day home from hospital
First day home from hospital with Elliot
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Born Together takes you on a journey which is both compelling and inspirational.

It is the story of one woman's adverse and incredibly powerful journey. That woman is Patricia Gachagan (Tricia) and it is her journey from a high heeled party girl living in London and Barcelona, to a new mother whose immune system attacked itself in error, triggering Multiple Sclerosis.

Settling down on her unexpected return home to Scotland after many years travelling would bring with it plentiful adjustments. But it was not to be remotely like Tricia imagined, planned or dreamt of. Within hours of giving birth to her son, Elliot, Tricia's body began to respond negatively. It just would not do the simple things she asked of it and day by day she could do less.

Born Together tells the story of the struggle to cope with Tricia’s declining health and the demands of her wonderful new born baby contemporaneously.

Tricia took an alternative approach to almost everything and refused point blank to settle for anything less than her dreams. It would not be straightforward but she would find a way forward.Many would doubt Tricia’s stamina and ability to succeed, but her unyielding spirit, determination and avant-garde attitude would win through.

Tricia and Elliot image
Mum and Elliot (18 months)

It is a story overflowing with courage and innovation.

Born Together takes the reader on a bumpy ride, but with the most wonderful ups as well as those uncomfortable downs. Born Together is a powerful and impelling true story of the most unforeseen journey you are ever likely to happen upon.

Never giving up was the only option.

Born Together is a story about love, positivity and resilience above all else. The bond between mother and baby was so strong and the loved shared so powerful that her diagnosis would not be the end, but the beginning of a new way of life.

Nothing would stand in the way of Tricia. She rejected the medical model of a prognosis towards disability and vulnerability. She would leave no stone unturned in her quest to live a full life and for Elliot too.