The Road after Publication
12th September 2017

  Born Together was published in May this year. A wonderful journey has started a new chapter. From the cosy wintry days writing at my kitchen table to the....Show more
Being ‘Differently’ Abled
24th May 2017

Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis over eleven years ago now, after my immune system attacked itself in error, following the birth of my wonderful baby boy. I ha....Show more
Final few days…
12th April 2017

Almost four years ago now, I spontaneously picked up the ipad and started writing my thoughts, feelings. fears and hopes. I didn’t know then what I know n....Show more
One more step…
12th January 2017

  As I go on my journey now it all feels very real. Leicester tomorrow. Publishing meeting the next day. Self-publishing is the path I’ve chosen. My hear....Show more
Another Twist!
30th October 2016

Like I said, life keeps throwing in something else to contend with! I sent the wrong link to my new website! The correct one is more
Twists and Turns!
30th October 2016

Life has so many twists and turns, it feels like every time I make a decision something comes up to throw it off course! But the good news is, I just keep bounc....Show more
Decisions, decisions, decisions!
5th August 2016

After finally finishing the final edit( I think!) I was at a crossroads of where to go next. Start the long submission process again in the hope of a traditiona....Show more
My first book, Born Together.
12th May 2016

Dawn McManus: Graphic Artist After nearly three years at my kitchen table I am thrilled to be seeking publication of my first book, Born Together. I hope to bri....Show more
From the class room to the kitchen table… part 2
25th April 2016

From the Classroom to the Kitchen Table (Part 2) It wasn’t long before the demands of teaching outweighed the demands of Multiple Sclerosis. Retired before my....Show more
From the Classroom to the Kitchen Table (Part 1) – Written by Patricia Gachagan Edited with Elliot Gachagan
11th April 2016

I was in my early twenties when I resigned from my office job in the Civil Service. I left to study to become a primary school teacher, figuring that sitting be....Show more
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