About Me

line drawing image by Lorraine Hudson  Artist: Lorraine Hudson
Let me introduce myself. My name is Patricia Gachagan (known as Tricia to family and friends) and I am the author of Born Together. This is my first book.

I have always held a desire to write, but it wasn't until my health took a dramatic turn that I found myself with the opportunity to do so.

I was born in the east end of Glasgow in 1967. The youngest of four children, I shared a happy and supportive family life. We grew up with unconditional love and security.

I left home at 20 years of age to start a new adventure in London. It was an amazing experience which lasted some 10 years. I worked in the Civil Service initially, but after realising an office job was not the life for me I returned to study to become a primary school teacher. My teaching career took me from London to Barcelona and then home to Glasgow. It stretched over 15 years and was a privilege to work and learn with so many terrific and inspiring young people.

My career came to an abrupt ending in my late 30's as I became very unwell, very suddenly after having my beautiful and wonderful baby boy, Elliot.
I was retired early through ill health and found myself entirely focussed on motherhood and my well-being for the first few years. Once Elliot was settled at primary school I decided, without planning, I would take up writing.

Writing this book has itself been an amazing journey and I have loved every minute of it. I plan to go on writing and exploring this world and my place in it. I have already started preparations for my next book. I learn every single day and I am grateful for each day and the opportunities they bring. I have found great comfort in my life jigsaw and following my mantra that wecanfindaway.com throughout this turbulent journey. I have allowed positivity to become a habit in my life and it now leads my journey through life.

Finding ways, overcoming obstacles and staying positive are all part of the everyday me.Life is not about how many times you get knocked down and what puts you there. It is about getting back up, stronger and more determined. That will define what happens to you in this world.

Image of author, Patricia Gachagan  Tricia 2016