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I am a writer, mum and positivity guru. Positivity runs my life and bringing it on board changed the direction of my life. Adversity, challenge and pain led me to a place of darkness and fear. Within hours of the birth of my son my body inexplicably began to fail me. Over days, weeks and months symptoms grew, changed and literally brought me to my knees- diagnosed weeks before his first birthday with Multiple Sclerosis. I could have stayed there, lived in fear of my future and allowed the medical world and medicine to determine my future. I could have started life as a new mum as a sick person in need of support. I could have watched others care for my newborn son as I accepted my limitations. I could have accepted the negativity that tried to strangle our new family life. I could have stopped believing in my dreams, aspirations and future. But I didn’t. I found new ways to do old things. I turned negatives in to positives. I saw the good in what I still had. I found new things I could do and achieve. I took the decision that I would determine my own future- with positivity leading the way- no matter what would happen

  • Born Together shares the fascinating story of how motherhood and Multiple Sclerosis entered my life together. No matter what was thrown my way I always found a way to manage and overcome with positivity.
  • I hope to inspire people to live a full and positive life, despite adversity and ill-health.
  • I hope to offer practical support through the Life jigsaw and MS jigsaw. To show people that anything is possible with the right attitude & absolute, resolute, unrelenting determination
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February 2018
Promotional prices continued for February. £7.50 for the printed copy and £2.49 for an ebook
January 2018
Born together is available during the month of January with a price of £2.49 for the ebook version
January 2018
Patricia writes as a guest blogger at Motherhood the real deal
January 2018
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November 2017
Patricia writes as a guest blogger both at On The Rise Magazine and at Kate on thin ice
December 2017
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June 2017
Born Together is available from Troubador publishing
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13th August 2017
I am a radio show host for a new global network msandme radio. My show ‘Positively Different MS’ airs every Sunday @ 4.00 pm EST and 8.00 pm GMT.
July 2017
Read the conversation Patricia has with Motherhood, the real deal
14th August 2017
Read the latest article at the Glasgow Herald
25th August 2017
Read the latest article in the Sunday Post
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' Patricia is truly the heroine of her own life. This wonderfully uplifting book might help you be the same.'
– Judy Graham, author of Managing Multiple Sclerosis Naturally: A Self-help Guide to Living with MS
I couldn't put it down.
I won't forget this book.
Thank you, Patricia, for giving me the true definition of hope.
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My Bio

Life’s journey brought me many things along with MS and Elliot.

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I am not disabled.
I just do things differently. Wecanfindaway
is a starting point for everyone.

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I gained much more than I lost. Go to links to find out how I helped make that happen.


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You may not have a choice in what happens to you, but you have a choice in how you respond. The MS Jigsaw shows you where to begin.

The MS Jigsaw

Born together, Not just a story....A way to live your life with happiness and bravery
(Elliot Gachagan - Age 10 - 2016)