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Writing has always been a passion and a pleasure. The idea for my first book ‘Born Together’ came and found me. I finally had the freedom to write and an overwhelming desire to share my story.

  • Born Together shares the fascinating story of how motherhood and Multiple Sclerosis entered my life together. No matter what was thrown my way I always found a way to manage and overcome.
  • Born Together will inspire people to live a full and positive life, despite adversity and ill-health.
  • Born Together shares a new, pioneering and promising treatment in the world of Multiple Sclerosis
  • Born Together offers practical support through the MS jigsaw. It tells the world that anything is possible with the right attitude & absolute, resolute, unrelenting determination
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Readers comments

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' Patricia is truly the heroine of her own life. This wonderfully uplifting book might help you be the same.'
– Judy Graham, author of Managing Multiple Sclerosis Naturally: A Self-help Guide to Living with MS
' Gripped from the start '
- Lorna Evans, Business Manager Canberra University, mum
' Gentle, yet brutally honest, spiritual yet grounded '
- Elaine Collins, PSYCH K Facilitator
' Discovering the MS jigsaw gave understanding about love, courage and truth in life '
- Chongsu Lee, Physiotherapy Expert
' Born Together highlights a truly remarkable spirit that will never be defined.'
- Liz Thompson, Business Owner, mum
' Incredibly powerful, yet easy to read '
Liz Ellis, Senior Teacher, mum
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Life’s journey brought me many things along with MS and Elliot.

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I am not disabled.
I just do things differently. Wecanfindaway
is a starting point for everyone.

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I gained much more than I lost. Go to links to find out how I helped make that happen.


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You may not have a choice in what happens to you, but you have a choice in how you respond. The MS Jigsaw shows you where to begin.

The MS Jigsaw

Born together, Not just a story....A way to live your life with happiness and bravery
(Elliot Gachagan - Age 10 - 2016)